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From the initial catch until the finished product is shipped, TC Boy products undergo strict quality control. At each step of the production process, we take every care to provide the quality that consumers have come to expect from TC Boy.

Renowned for its consistent high quality and taste, it is both ideal for chef's creative delight and quick snack for the whole family or individual person. All TC Boy products are all-natural, contain no preservatives, MSG and artificial colouring! Whether you need it for a party celebration, to show off your cooking skills, for better health or just the enjoyment of ME time, you’ll find something just to fit your needs.

Vacuum-packed in freshness, nutritional benefit, and delicious taste that makes TC Boy products superior. TC Boy- your healthy choice.

Select a product below to explore the different sets of occasions, effort needed to prepare and its nutritional benefits.



Your Occasion

Need State - Eating Occasions

Celebratory – Celebrating a particular occasion, Preparing signature dishes, Holiday/ family occasion

Social – Socialize with others, treat others, show off cooking skills

Nurturing – Expressing one’s love for others through food, receive appreciation from others

Soothing –To cope with stress, reward one’s self / or draw connection with inner self

Health- Choosing a more nutritionally beneficial option, having a sense of long term health benefits

Low Effort – Seeking something easy/ fast

No much effort needed
Little effort needed to make it yummy
Creativity Caps turn ON

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